A First Mortgage Lender

To Real Estate Professionals

Certainty of Execution

Take advantage of time sensitive opportunities

Internally Funded

Fast and flexible loans

Decades of Experience

Decades of experience in commercial real estate

Lending Capital To Real Estate Professionals

Bridge Capital Group (“BCG”), is an internally funded, first mortgage, commercial real estate lender to real estate professionals in multiple states. BCG provides interim financing for the acquisition and development of commercial and multifamily real estate projects.

What We Do

We bridge the gap between conventional financing and the needs of real estate owners, developers and investors.

Meet Our 2 Person Board

Bridge Capital Group’s lending platform was founded by seasoned real estate professionals with extensive industry experience.


Norman S. Weinstein                                             Robert J. Schmier

Recent Transactions

Our portfolio consists of a diversified mix of high quality loans secured by commercial and residential real estate.